Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Event #2

For my second event I chose to do something that I have observed at my internship. My internship is at Central Falls High School, and I work with children who have behavioral issues. This schools disciplinary actions are not like any school I have ever been to or intern shipped at before. When a student gets into trouble they are not just sent to have detention or just easily getting suspend. They are placed in a room where are to calm themselves down and fill out a paper of what they have done wrong. They are then asked to sit in a circle to discuss the issues that they were having that day. This is like a mini counseling session. When they are calm they are allowed to go back to class and continue their education calmly.

The event I discussed above I believe to be connected to Resilient Kids video. These students are counseled to calm themselves down. This way they do not cause more trouble than they already have.
http://www.raisingresilientkids.com/ (I found this site interesting)

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