Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Blog #8
It was interesting to learn how to work across different cultural boundaries in many different ways. It is important to have people care about you and be involved with schooling. Parents and teachers having constant communication and showing the youth that they care is very significant. I believe that students will do better in school when they have a positive influence and support system in their lives. There is still minorities in the United States and in the article, African Americans have suffered and are still suffering to the present day. In the article one of the things was how there was abuse being done and “there is nothing they can do about it”. With everything going on today there may have been a protest about this shooting going on. I do not think that in these days people would stand around and do nothing.

When people work in diverse cultures, it should be essential to know where the individual comes from and try to learn about their own experiences because chances are they will be different from your own. In my situation I am a white female and I am from a middle class family. There were never many expectations besides to finish high school. I am the first in my family to receive a college degree. Other cultures may have different situation and what is expected for each member to do to each different family and culture. Getting to know the surroundings can help by getting to understand the person you may be working with.


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