Sunday, October 30, 2011

Internet (gender and media) and Unlearning the Myths That bind Us (by: Christensen)

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Media is all around from the television to magazines and even in children’s toys.  Gender plays a large role in this because male and females each have “priorities”. For males they have to appear brave and courageous, while women are gentle and weak. The media has made an image of what gender is “supposed” to look like. For little children there are dolls that are white, skinny, and pretty, this makes children feel the need to become what the media displays a “women”. This can lead to anorexia or bulimia or maybe just not liking themselves. The media must not realize how making people look a certain way affects everybody. For men they can not show sadness because that is a “sign” of weakness. Women are also the cook and cleaner, while the man waits around to be served. Another example is that mostly guy’s play video games and the girl are portrayed at big boobs, big butt, and little waist. Even color is a big deal, pink is for a girl and blur is for a boy and people still do it today.I could go on for a long time about what the media says. The video below gives a visual about gender stereotypes in the media.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Separate and Unequal" ( Bob Herbert )

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Extended Comments to Phil Kenny III

I agree with Phil when he talks about the article “Separate and Unequal”, and how poverty badly affects the good results in schools. They don’t have “good teachers” to help, because they avoid it. That said it is terrible because those are the ones who need the help. With lower levels of parental involvement, the students are more unlikely to succeed. Unfortunately there are many Hispanic and African Americans that are deal with this because of poverty.
            Even though schools are not legally segregated, they still are separated by where they live. This is why we have mostly Hispanic and African Americans in poverty schools due to their location of homes. There is law made for equal opportunities in education also known as the law of the land. With this law in effect there are still people being separated by poverty.

The video below is a helpful visual

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In The Service Of What? The Polotics of Service Learning (By: Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer)

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The Article “In the Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning” was about servicing learning and how this can improve and help the community. All students can participate and it provides educational experiences. Also this can further educational goals for students. Service learning programs are supported statewide. There were two stories in the article one that they physically helped outside their classroom to those in need. The other one was students who helped inside their classroom. Either way is a good experience for students to work together and identity and responds to their issues. By doing the service learning program it was said in the article that the student values and beliefs would be transformed by these experiences. I think that service learning is a good experience and a good feeling in helping others. Everyone should be more involved in the community and schools to help others who don’t have the capability to even help themselves. Service learning programs can open childrens eyes and see that for example the neighborhood is not bad just because someone told you it was.  The video below shows how people can get involved and how people feeling. The example in the video is this like the seventh grade classroom talked about in the article. These children are also doing a food drive to help the homeless through their classroom. This also talks about how children learn through service learning programs.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Unlearning the Myths That bind Us (by: Christensen)

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It was said in this article that children are manipulated by all kinds of media. 
When I read how all Disney movies give out a stereotype image, I never thought about it until I read "Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us".
 When I was a child I would watch all the Disney movies but it never occurred to me that they were raciest, sexist, and had stereotypes. I also did not realize until now that there were no African American princesses. But today they did come out with the princess and the frog and she is African American. They toys I had growing up, like the princesses Ariel or Belle, they were pretty, skinny, white, and rich looking with the gowns and accessories they came with. When you’re growing up feeing what they look like, you do want to look like them and be skinny and pretty, this also puts at lot of pressure on young girls. All the Princesses stories were all the same, they were finding their "Prince Charming". The prince is always a white male who is very good looking and everyone wants to be with. Also in these films the "villains" were dark and hideous at sometimes overweight. Now that I have read this article and I think back I do realize that these movies did create a stereotype in all the films I have watched.

To the left the white handsome prince charming
In the middle, the skinny pretty princess
And to the right the overweight and hideous villain.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

GLSEN article (Hyperlinks)

"From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in America: A National Report on School Bullying"
This article was a survey taken about bullying in public schools. Children go to school on a daily basis and are harassed all day. Students are being harassed because of what they look like, who they are, their race, gender, clothing, and who they chose to like. Talks about a school harassment policy, but just because there is a policy does not mean the bullying will stop. It was said in the text that students do not report to teachers because they feel they don’t have power. Well in two of these videos it tells how’s teacher do not do much to prevent it.
The following videos are about children and what they go through and what can happen with bullying in schools, hopefully it gives you more thought on what can happen.
This is a sad video of a thirteen year old's mother reading her sons suicide note. This is a horrifying way to look at what bullying can do to children.

Children speaking out of what they had experienced in a situation of being bullied or seeing it for themselves.

An example of how someone being bullied in school and what they go through on a daily basis.

How people can be affected by bullying.