Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Event #2

For my second event I chose to do something that I have observed at my internship. My internship is at Central Falls High School, and I work with children who have behavioral issues. This schools disciplinary actions are not like any school I have ever been to or intern shipped at before. When a student gets into trouble they are not just sent to have detention or just easily getting suspend. They are placed in a room where are to calm themselves down and fill out a paper of what they have done wrong. They are then asked to sit in a circle to discuss the issues that they were having that day. This is like a mini counseling session. When they are calm they are allowed to go back to class and continue their education calmly.

The event I discussed above I believe to be connected to Resilient Kids video. These students are counseled to calm themselves down. This way they do not cause more trouble than they already have.
http://www.raisingresilientkids.com/ (I found this site interesting)


Event #1

I went to an event on Diversity that was by the social work department. The event was about diversity within their curriculum as well as diversity within the department as a whole. There were two professors that held the event. They were there to gather ideas on how they can improve their social work department. The students brought up good points about how the program is excelling but, also how it also needs some improvement. A positive point that was made was in the social work class 324 and how it talks about topics on diversity. It was missing how to talk about gender and politics topics. They were talking about how the females outnumber the males in the social work, and they found it strange. I did not really find it as strange because people still think that females are the helpers and men are supposed to be the constructed “manly” jobs. Even though all topics of diversity were talked about, many of the students stated a deeper discussion on all topics. Finally, we discussed how the social work is considered liberal democratic and never really opened to republicans. Therefore it can make those that are republicans feel awkward in sharing their true feelings in the classroom.

For this event I believe it relates to the Ullucci article. This was about how people stereotype and believe the myths about certain people or cultures. The event discussed above connected to this article because it went over how people should be aware of diversity around and to learn how to take it in.  


Blog #9

I have never heard of Resilient Kids. I believe that the practice could be for all ages and will help the person in a positive way. It would be awesome if all schools could have this. Everyone has their own issues when it comes to getting themselves upset. When students get worked up over something and they get out of hand and do not understand how to calm themselves down, could lead to a bad situation. Not only students, but adults also have trouble calming themselves down, I would know I am one of them. When I student is not being rational, they could get themselves into a lot of trouble. If they learn to calm themselves there is a greater chance that they will be able to calmly get out of the situation without causing an issue.  


Blog #8
It was interesting to learn how to work across different cultural boundaries in many different ways. It is important to have people care about you and be involved with schooling. Parents and teachers having constant communication and showing the youth that they care is very significant. I believe that students will do better in school when they have a positive influence and support system in their lives. There is still minorities in the United States and in the article, African Americans have suffered and are still suffering to the present day. In the article one of the things was how there was abuse being done and “there is nothing they can do about it”. With everything going on today there may have been a protest about this shooting going on. I do not think that in these days people would stand around and do nothing.

When people work in diverse cultures, it should be essential to know where the individual comes from and try to learn about their own experiences because chances are they will be different from your own. In my situation I am a white female and I am from a middle class family. There were never many expectations besides to finish high school. I am the first in my family to receive a college degree. Other cultures may have different situation and what is expected for each member to do to each different family and culture. Getting to know the surroundings can help by getting to understand the person you may be working with.




-Context mapping is when teens are having issues and trying to figure out their identity vs. role confusion.

-Mitch asked Julian to list the various spaces and relationships that he must negotiate each day.

-He had him write down what he thinks people expect of him in the places and relationships.

-He asks him to pay attention to how he feels and notes when he feels safe, anxious or uneasy.


My context map:

 RIC: classes, professors, class mates, internship, friends

 Home: family, friends, boyfriend, animals

 Stop and Shop: coworkers, customers


The four different identities are:

Foreclosed Identity: when an individual has committed to a way of life before exploring it carefully and without exploration/experimenting with alternatives. (particular identity selected by parents or peers)

Diffuse Identity: a state in which there has been little exploration or active consideration of a particular identity and no psychological commitment to one.(easily influenced by others often changing their minds)

Moratorium: which one actively explores roles and beliefs, behaviors and relationships, but refrains from making  commitment (great deal of anxiety)

Achieved Identity: when identity crisis is resolved and the commitment to the selected identity is high (successful ego-identity)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Nakkula reading goes over the behavior students have with teachers. I have worked with many different grades and I have seen diverse students of different ages acting the same. For example, I had a fourth grader that I would help during class because she was so far behind for missing school. The teacher would stick her in the corner to work on her own but she was so far behind she did not understand. As I sat with her I got to know her better and understood what she was going though. Her mother was dying in the hospital at the time and did not have anyone to bring her to school or work with her at home. This young girl clearly needed a little extra help and I ended up staying until the end of her year and glad to say she went on to the next grade. Some teachers are quick to judge these students because of how they behave but they need to go deeper into understanding why they are acting the way they do. It could be something as simple as being board and therefore giving them extra work to do so they do not act out.

Since these young minds are still growing and developing, they look up to adults, these teaches for some guidance. If teachers would take the time in getting to know their students, it would be less stressful in the classroom I believe. Also, if everyone can be involved in some way and keep everyone active and ongoing with academics I feel as though these students will succeed more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The egg drop that we did in class was fun but I did not like how we were graded on them. It was interesting how we all got boxes filled with different items. My group was the group that had the least amount of items and a budget cut. It was for our egg not to break because I feel like we did not get enough material. I found it motivating how the Youth group compared them to the cities and real life. The discussion we had about people ability and what they have was eye opening, because I did not think an egg drop (fun activity) would be so informational. They kept stressing that we would be graded on this assignment and my group did not believe that. Another thing that was not fair was some groups got multiple eggs. This all relates back to the article we read and how people that have the access to the material can accomplish more than people who have just the ability to do so. When we looked at different places that offer more for different people, it makes sense. In my opinion, people need the access to accomplish what their ability can create. I believe that if someone wants to go to school that is high in cost an wants that educational system, then they need the money to access that particular subject. I think in rare cases someone’s ability can outweigh the access and people can achieve greatness with little access or money to back them up. But then again society is society and everyone is being judged by class.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


            Poverty is a social problem and will continue until everyone is helped, which I believe would never happen in this society. When it comes to poverty, sometimes education suffers. It could be that the child does not have to resources to receive an education or how the teacher perceives the students. I have student taught in poverty area schools and non-poverty area schools. I have seen many differences. I have noticed that students who are in poverty seem to not have an interest in school and act out. The people who are usually in poverty areas are the non-Caucasians. “Data from the US Census Bureau (see Children’s Defense Fund, 2012), reveal that approximately 38% of Black children and 34% of Latino students live in poverty.” Sadly the statement of this data does not shock me in this society. Most people are in poverty because of low education and therefore they have low paying jobs because they did not receive the education to do something more.

I worked in three different Providence schools in poverty areas and two schools in non-poverty areas, one in Warwick and one in Cranston. Getting to know the kids I have worked with, I learned that the children suffering poverty have told me about their home lives. Most of these students’ parents did not have the chance to make it past high school and I believe that is why education does not seem to be a priority with some kids. With these students not having education as a priority, I have seen teachers not really caring to go that extra mile in helping these students. When I was there for my short 15 weeks at each school I would work one on one with these students because I believe they just need an extra push. I believe with the right help, these students will succeed and overachieve. Students who are in poverty tend to be stereotyped as “not smart”, when in reality they just do not have the support at home and some teachers are non-supports as well. I believe that after school programs and summer programs that are free could help these students catch up, instead of going home to someone who is unable to understand some of their homework or readings given. “The primary causes of poverty lie not in individual behavior at all, but in specific social and historical structures, in forces outside of any single person’s control . . .” I completely agree with this statement that was in the article because this would be considered ”blaming the victim”. People do not choose to be in poverty, I believe that it just happens and some people cannot get out of it.

Friday, September 26, 2014


In the reading it states that “The school system is the primary normative institution for children and youth in the United States and holds vast potential for supporting young people in becoming productive, healthy adults.” In most cases I have not seen this. My major before youth development was elementary education and I have intershipped in five different schools. I feel as though they do not keep these students productive, but just go along with their curriculum and do busy work. Other schools might be a different case, but I have yet to see this happen. When this article talks about the history, I feel as though those students appreciated school more and got more out of learning then students do today. This statement “if children were in school, they were not out on the streets causing mischief and social disorder.” I feel as though this is a true statement because these kids are busy with other actions rather than causing trouble. I also believe in the youth programs for later in the day to help keep kids out of trouble. They talk about the size and diversity in the public schools. I think that the more diverse people that are in one school the more likely people are to be nice to each other because everyone is different. When I was in high school I started off at one school which was mainly high class whites. I was an outcast and got into a lot of trouble. I than went to a more diverse school that I liked a lot better, made more friends and did better in school without causing trouble. As far as faculty goes for the first school I felt they did not help me at all they just turned their backs. The lower class schools faculty was much more helpful in guidance and extra help as well.

“Teachers whose actions are determined more by rules and regulations than by their own creativity and judgment as professionals have limited latitude in allowing adolescents to make judgments about the course of their studies or the ways in which they will participate in or contribute to the school and the community.’ This statement bothers me because the student should have the right to choose what classes or what they need to do with their own life.  I understand that schools have rules, but there is a line to let these teachers have their own judgment on these students that they work with because not all students are the same.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


My relationship with technology is advanced than some, I would say I am digital native because I do use technology in my everyday life. When I leave the house in the morning I always have my phone on me for communication or even directions. When I am at home or at school I have my laptop that I am always using. I feel that adapting to technology can be hard for some people. For example, I grew up with technology growing and I was able to learn and grow. While others have to learn when they already know different ways to look at things than using technology.

The video opened my eyes and how people have created this amazing technology. Google will have to be my favorite tool to use on the internet. People always have to remember that not everything on the internet is true because anyone can contribute a “fact” in the internet for everyone to read. People in this day in age growing up will never know what an overhead projector is and the “struggle” people had without technology. Everything today is fast pace and still growing. I feel as though in a few years people will be all technology and no one will know how to hand write or even add math in their head. In a way this is sad because we are so technology dependent.


This article was about Youth, and how they are able to have a voice inside an adult world. The youth and adults are working together to advance their community. YIA is an organization that helps youth create a voice. There are so many adults, whether there teachers or parents who look down upon some youth. To me this is not fair to be stereotyped because of where you came from or who your parents are. The YIA gives these youth a chance to be heard and they must feel like they have a purpose.
When I was in school I was not the best student. I felt as though I did not have to talk because I was not asked about or cared about. With the YIA I feel as though they care about these kids and want to make a different in their lives. When I was student teaching at a few Providence schools I had witnessed some teachers not caring as much for some students. The “bad” students would always be left out and left to do what they wanted, while the “good” students would always be getting the help when if they did not need it. The YIA should be in every community to help better students with their education and life decisions.