Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Event #1

I went to an event on Diversity that was by the social work department. The event was about diversity within their curriculum as well as diversity within the department as a whole. There were two professors that held the event. They were there to gather ideas on how they can improve their social work department. The students brought up good points about how the program is excelling but, also how it also needs some improvement. A positive point that was made was in the social work class 324 and how it talks about topics on diversity. It was missing how to talk about gender and politics topics. They were talking about how the females outnumber the males in the social work, and they found it strange. I did not really find it as strange because people still think that females are the helpers and men are supposed to be the constructed “manly” jobs. Even though all topics of diversity were talked about, many of the students stated a deeper discussion on all topics. Finally, we discussed how the social work is considered liberal democratic and never really opened to republicans. Therefore it can make those that are republicans feel awkward in sharing their true feelings in the classroom.

For this event I believe it relates to the Ullucci article. This was about how people stereotype and believe the myths about certain people or cultures. The event discussed above connected to this article because it went over how people should be aware of diversity around and to learn how to take it in.  

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