Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Nakkula reading goes over the behavior students have with teachers. I have worked with many different grades and I have seen diverse students of different ages acting the same. For example, I had a fourth grader that I would help during class because she was so far behind for missing school. The teacher would stick her in the corner to work on her own but she was so far behind she did not understand. As I sat with her I got to know her better and understood what she was going though. Her mother was dying in the hospital at the time and did not have anyone to bring her to school or work with her at home. This young girl clearly needed a little extra help and I ended up staying until the end of her year and glad to say she went on to the next grade. Some teachers are quick to judge these students because of how they behave but they need to go deeper into understanding why they are acting the way they do. It could be something as simple as being board and therefore giving them extra work to do so they do not act out.

Since these young minds are still growing and developing, they look up to adults, these teaches for some guidance. If teachers would take the time in getting to know their students, it would be less stressful in the classroom I believe. Also, if everyone can be involved in some way and keep everyone active and ongoing with academics I feel as though these students will succeed more.

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